By Year:
27 Feb 2019 MALEE bottomed out from 2018 adjusting strategies to drive performance in 2019
15 Nov 2018 MALEE still under pressure the rest of this year Adjusts strategies for turnaround next year
20 Aug 2018 MALEE adjusts strategy to fight declining fruit juice market Progress in the second half; Recovery signs to be seen next year
27 Jun 2018 MALEE Group Launches 'MAS', its Research and Product Innovation Arm Introduces 'Vintico' 100% Natural Coconut Vinegar to Tap Health Market
11 May 2018 MALEE endures short-term costs Positioned for strong growth in second half
28 Feb 2018 MALEE goes through its first strategic plan, building foundation and strength; Ready to step into the second phase, aiming at aggressive and sustainable growth
23 Jan 2018 Malee Group Invests 330 MB in Acquisition Deal for Vietnamese Beverage Producer to Expand Production in SE Asian Market
28 Nov 2017 MALEE Wins 'Best Company Performance Awards' From SET Awards 2017
01 Nov 2017 Malee Forms Joint Venture with Indonesian Consumer Giant to Strengthen its International Business, Aims to Tap Into the Purchasing Power of 330 Million People in Two Countries
19 Jul 2017 Malee Group sets a new business direction to become a Health-Driven Global F&B firm using a 4R Strategy
12 May 2017 MALEE disclosed an impressive export sales growth of 22% YoY in Q1/2017 Net profit stood at 118MB, an increase of 8% YoY
24 Feb 2017 MALEE's 2016 sales hit highest record ever Net profit reached 530MB, a remarkable growth of 60% YoY
11 Nov 2016 MALEE's Q3/2016 net profit jumped 176% YoY. Sales will continue to grow.
22 Aug 2016 Malee Group Pcl and Mega Lifesciences Pcl form a joint venture Aiming to capture mega trends in health and wellness
15 Aug 2016 MALEE's Q2/216 net profit jumped 74% YoY. Annual sales target will be achieved.

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